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Its milk work may be getting weird, but Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' Sega spots are still miles farther out there, and never more so than in the TV campaign for the new high-powered Saturn system.

Aware that the visuals, along with equally strange audio tracks, might provoke a "What the f--k was that?" from some viewers, art director Todd Grant says he and copywriter Bo Coyner wanted to in-troduce Sega's new hardware with a "mutation from the playful and visually arresting to something more 3-D and surreal." According to Grant, the pair also wanted to show "the immersive ways that people actually get inside videogames," which is why each spot dramatizes the biochemical reactions of the viewer, opening with a shot of a theater marquee and the VO: "Welcome to the theater of the eye." In one, a group of coneheads labeled "rods" and "cones" begin rioting after watching a Sega clip. A snack vendor in a bellhop's outfit, aka "optic nerve," calls the older, more dignified "brain" in the projection room who sends out the "adrenaline," guys in wrestling outfits to calm them down.

Consumers in select markets can tap into even more weirdness by hitting the SAP buttons on their remotes to hear special audio enhancements like, "Nothing ruins a blind date quite like a flesh-eating virus," and "E. Coli is not a throat lozenge." All this "subterranean babbling" says Grant, includes teasers for Sega's new games.

David Wild of Wild Scientific, Los Angeles, directed; other agency credits to

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