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MARKETER: Wimbledon Championships


CRITIQUE: Say you're a marketer and what you sell is something newsworthy. Like a sporting event or a rock band. You have an odd dilemma of wanting to promote your product/brand online, but facing competition from a number of media and fan outlets that are quite possibly more established and doing a better job of coverage. They might even have a marketing budget of $20 million.

If you care about having accurate information presented about your product, or selling it directly, or having the money from partnerships and sponsorships come into your pockets and not another sites', this is something to which you might want to give some thought.

Wimbledon's site should see a lot of traffic this week as the tournament heats up, but it will have to face the fact that ESPN, CNN and even Yahoo! have well-established spaces carved out for covering just this type of event.

Its answer should be a mix of great content and good, cost-effective promotion. You have the advantage of better access to the athletes and artists involved. Use it. Give the most geeked-out fans trivial trivia, and educate the newcomers. Exclusive interviews, photos and multimedia drive traffic.

The site has a good start on the first part of the equation, with solid event-related info, interactive trivia games and sponsorships. Now all it needs is to drive the traffic there.

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