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Set to the strains of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman," a peculiarly witty holiday season True Value hardware store spot opens with a title card offering his 'n' hers gift ideas: a juicer, "for her," is followed by a sledgehammer crushing an orange; a toaster is followed by a guy in an asbestos suit wielding a blowtorch; and finally, the Christmas turkey is carved with an electric knife, then a chain saw.

Created by Chicago's McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, the parody was a way of showing that True Value sells more than hardware, says writer Scott Eirinberg. Dennis Manarchy of Manarchy Studios in Chicago directed, imitating the look of a typical holiday spot, according to Eirinberg. "It's all tongue in cheek," he adds. "I don't think anyone's going to put a chain saw through a turkey."

Other credits to art director Joe Stuart, CDs Jim Schmidt and Tom McConnaughy

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