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Attacking Ad Holding Companies
Marketer: Pocket Hercules Ad Agency
Brand: Pocket Hercules Ad Agency
Title: "Want Some Chocolate?"
Agency: Pocket Hercules, Minneapolis

Now here's something out of the ordinary -- an advertisement for the services of an ad agency. Heavily laced with angst and bile, this online short film by director Tom de Cerchio of Incubator was created to launch Pocket Hercules, a Minneapolis agency created by former Carmichael Lynch creatives directors Tom Camp and Jason Smith. You can tell these boys were REALLY angry by the time they bailed from that Interpublic Group of Cos.' unit.

A Blizzard of Colored Balls
Marketer: Sony
Brand: Bravia LCD TV
Title: "Colored Balls"
Agency: Fallon, London

Here's the assignment: Have 250,000 colored plastic balls and 10 compressed-air cannons shipped into downtown San Francisco. Turn on the video cameras and start blasting the giant guns to send a blizzard of balls swirling across half a mile of steeply sloped streets. The point? To emphasize that Sony's new LCD TV has dramatically improved color. Whew!

Controversial Apple Ad
Marketer: Apple
Brand: iPod
Title: "Detroit"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

Starring rapper Eminem performing his song 'Lose Yourself,' this ad sparked a major controversy last week when Lugz -- the urban shoe company -- alleged Apple had ripped off the distinctive ad concept created by the Avrett Free Ginsberg agency for Lugz three years ago.

Perky Digital Assassin
Marketer: ATI Technologies/RhinoFX
Brand: ATI Radeon Video Card
Title: "Assassin"
Agency: RhinoFX, New York

This work by special effects house RhinoFX of New York began as demonstration clip for a new ATI video card technology. It has now morphed into its own entertainment property. 'Assassin' is the third short starring the heroine 'Ruby,' who was made world famous by the clip's use in ATI promotions at game geek conclaves such as the annual E3. She will no doubt soon have her own game as well as her own movie. Move over, Laura Croft.

Driving Your Jungle Friends
Marketer: Toyota
Brand: Toyota 4 Runner
Title: "Singers"
Agency: Conill Advertising, Los Angeles

OK, so next time you have to drive three jungle tribesman back to their home in the middle of a roadless, uncharted region of the Amazon, which vehicle are you going to chose? This spot answers that question for all those in the Western Hemisphere who have been pondering this quandary.

Governator Snow Job
Marketer: California Travel & Tourism Commission.
Brand: California Tourism
Title: "Winter"
Agency: Mering & Associates, Sacramento

California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger takes to the tube as well as the ski slopes to promote his state's many winter pleasures.

EBay Cooks It
Marketer: eBay
Brand: eBay
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: BBDO, New York

This visually fascinating exercise in creating 17 different versions of the word 'it' from all manner of materials from foam rubber to raw meat is designed to underscore that if you want it, eBay has it -- whatever 'it' might be.

Lakers Time
Marketer: Fox Sports Net
Brand: Lakers Basketball
Title: "Windows"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco

One of a series of new spots emphasizing the often hyper-exciting last seconds of NBA games, this one shows us window washers who wildly shift gears to end their job on 'Lakers Time.' Good thing they don't work in a nuclear reactor facility.

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