Power of the 30-Something Purse

Marketers: Women in This Group Are Empowered Consumers Who Don't Easily Fit Into a Single Category

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YORK, Pa. (AdAGe.com) -- She's married, well-educated, trendy and environmentally conscientious. She works full time, is likely sleep deprived and feels that time is her most precious commodity. Meet today's 30-something woman.
Power of the 30-Something Purse
Here's what Marie Claire found regarding what this group cited as their five priority issues and values -- and what that means for marketers.

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Like the female characters in that '80s angst-ridden TV show, these women still grapple with the important issues of family and work. However, they also are more empowered consumers who derive their strength not only from money but from knowledge -- so says research from women's magazine Marie Claire.

The magazine teamed up with consumer-behavior researcher Pam Danziger to survey 1,800 women 24 to 49 -- with a concentration on those in their 30s -- to find out what's on their minds and extrapolate how marketers can use that information to reach them.

What they discovered was that even though these women value time, they invest a lot of it into product research before purchasing. The 30-something woman works at being a smarter shopper and is in a constant search for value.

She's also somewhat of a marketing moving target. Males ages 18 to 35 have their place as marketers' mythical dream group; baby boomers are quickly ascending as the hot-to-market-to audience; and teens and tweens fill marketers' need as the trendsetters of cool and hip. But women in their 30 don't fit as easily into a simple -- or single -- marketing bucket.

Indeed, Ms. Danziger said one of the key findings in the Marie Claire research was that marketers can't look at this group of women too vertically.

And that might be one reason why there's not a lot of market research focused on these women. Sure, they get profiled as mothers or career women, as health statistics or dating singles, but not often just as women of a 30ish age.
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