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Catering to the rich requires reaching them online, according to "The Millionaire Online," a May report by Forrester Research. "Millionaires use the Internet more actively than other wealth segments, going online to do everything from making high-ticket purchases to managing their money," according to Ekaterina Walsh, a senior analyst.

She says contrary to myths about the affluent, they do like technology, they do shop online and they do manage their finances online.

The study defines affluence as those persons with investable assets of $1 million-plus, not including the value of their primary home. Here are some characteristics of the affluent:

The average affluent household owns two PCs.

46% of the affluent use their PCs for investment management.

Wired millionaires are 79% more likely to trade stocks online than a non-affluent counterpart.

When shopping online, they are more likely to buy across almost all product categories from books to clothing, hotel reservations to sporting goods.

The affluent are twice as likely as the non-affluent to have attended college, yet still 2 of every 10 never set foot in college.

60% are 55 or older; 6% are under 35.

30% are either retired or a company executive.

22% are more likely to be married than the non-affluent.

22% are more likely to live in a city with 1 million or more residents.

Average income of high-income affluent group is $96,000.

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