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New publication launches.

`in Magazine'

Apple Computer users should find "Intelligent Newton Magazine"-or in from the folks at InHand Publishing, San Francisco-a publication worth the uplink. The every-other-monthly, with a circulation of 46,000, first became available last month through subscription only. in Magazine seeks to plug its readers into all aspects of Apple's new Newton technology, from product evaluations to business case studies. Barry Owen is editor, and Jeff Littlefield is ad director. The publication only offers color pages to advertisers, at a cost of $6,500. Offices for in Magazine are at 50 Osgood Place, Suite 330, San Francisco 94133. Phone: (415) 433-2755.


"Poz" is slang for positive or, more specifically, HIV positive. Poz is a magazine for people who have the virus, as well as for those who want to learn more about it. This new effort from Sean Strub, an AIDS activ-ist and former congressional candidate, first arrived last month in mailboxes of AIDS-affected households nationwide and on newsstands in several major U.S. cities. The every-other-monthly has a circulation of 100,000. Richard Perez-Feria is editor, and Lawrence Peters is ad director. A b&w page is $5,950; a color page is $8,500. Offices are at P.O. Box 1279, Old Chelsea Station, New York 10113. Phone: (800) 883-2163.

`Garden Design'

Meigher Communications is the green thumb cultivating Garden Design, which proudly proclaims itself to be the first gardening magazine targeted at baby boomers. The every-other-monthly blossomed onto newsstands nationwide last week with a circulation of 75,000. Dorothy Kalins is editor, and Maureen McNamara Schweitzer is ad director. A b&w page is $3,080; a color page is $4,200 but the cost for color will increase to $6,000 with the August/September issue. Offices for Garden Design are at 399 Park Ave., New York 10022. Phone: (212) 522-2073.

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