Both Sides Flail Each Other Over Iraq Policies

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WASHINGTON ( -- In the latest round of tit-for-tat over the issue of the war in Iraq, Presidential primary candidates Howard Dean and John Kerry have fired off new TV ads at the Republican National Committee.

The latest salvo follows the RNC's launch of a TV spot in Iowa last week suggesting that Democrats who criticized the White House's Iraq policies were anti-national security. The RNC ran the ad in advance of tonight's Democratic debate in Iowa, but plans to use the spot again in advance of future Democratic debates.

Kerry blasts Bush
Democratic Masschusetts Senator Kerry's new rebuttal spot declares "America is united against terror" and that the real issue is the President Bush's policies. The Kerry comercial was created by Riverfront Media, an amalgamation of GMMB's Omnicom and Shrum, Devine & Donilon, both of Washington.

The spot goes on to charge that President Bush has "no plan to win the peace, and handed out billions in contracts to contributors like Halliburton."

Dean slams president
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean's campaign made his reply to the Republicans with a spot produced by Trippi McMahon Squire of Washington. It charges that the president "misled the nation about weapons of mass destruction. And we went to war when we shouldn't have."

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