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Client: Slim Jim

Agency: Rotando Partners

Director: Hal Rosen, David Roberts, Southwest Productions

I'm not sure this is politically correct, but I love this spot. It shows how a woman tries to repeatedly gain the attention of her TV-addicted boyfriend by trying on different slinky dresses. She finally succeeds when she waddles out in a ridiculous Slim Jim costume. The tag: "You know what you want-a spicy, beefy Slim Jim." It's funny, it holds your attention and it certainly makes all the right strategic points about beef jerky. 42

Client: Hummer

Agency: The Richards Group R&D Group

Unless you have a family of five that you call a "squadron," or you want to smash your neighbor's 18" vertical wall, or you live in the middle of a lake ....who cares? There's no mention of parts availability in the body copy. It's a great ad though, if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone.

Client: Harley-Davidson

Agency: Butterfield Day Devito Hockney, London

Director: Joe Public, Stark Films, London

This is a brilliant spot. No cliche Harley guys with beards and leather jeans. No "Born to Raise Hell" tattoos. This spot, which shows a housewife who's moonlighting as a hooker so her husband can afford his motorcycle, keeps the Harley legend alive by illustrating what lengths people will go to get those throbbing pistons between their legs.

Client: X-Brand

Agency: Goldberg Moser O'Neill

I don't know why I like this ad, but I do. It's a good high-tech client ad that attracts you with a low-tech visual that gets you to read the copy. And that's a tough trick in a sound-byte world.

Client: Pioneer Agency: BBDO/Los Angeles

Kerouac meets grunge. This is a great way to illustrate sound in print. What else can you say about something you can only hear.

This ad will appeal to people who spend their lives in their cars. The best part is the road critter disclaimer-don't miss it.

Client: Citibank Visa Agency: Lowe & Partners/SMS

Director: Jeff Preiss, Epoch Films

This spot combines smart visuals with smart copy. In it, a "T-shirts and jeans" guy tells us how he bought a tuxedo for his wedding and then got a call from Citibank checking to see if the purchase was made by same grungy male photographed on his Visa card. Here's a commercial that's talking to the youth market, not down to it.

Allan Charles

Creative Director

Trahan, Burden & Charles,

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