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Although African-Americans certainly aren't a new segment of the population, they may not be who you think they are.


There are nearly 33 million African-Americans in the U.S. Their population continues to increase: the segment grew from 31 million in 1992 to 32 million in 1993. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the African-American population will grow 50% faster than the rest of the population through the year 2050. About 38% of the African-American population earns $15,000 or less; about 28% earns between $15,000-29,000; and 38% make $30,000 and up.


African-Americans are a fiercely proud segment of the population. Despite the attention that has been given to the prevalence of single-family households among blacks, family and home are to this segment. They're conscious of their lifestyles and culture and how they perceive themselves differently from the rest of the general population.

Selling to them

Whatever you do, don't try to fool African-Americans. They know when you aren't being sincere, experienced marketers say. Show them settings that ring true and tap into the music and fashion they appreciate. Choose media they peruse, but don't stick exclusively to black media. They are part of the mainstream, too, and they want you to remember that and respect it.

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