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Why a U.S. network might envy the Mexicans:

Mexico's only two TV broadcasters-Grupo Televisa and TV Azteca-take in at least half the country's ad spending.

Ad dollars aren't fleeing network TV for cable because only about 25% of Mexican households have cable.

Advertisers aren't yet diverting budgets from traditional media, such as TV, to online.

With presidential elections coming up July 2, Mexico's seven political parties will pour several hundred million dollars into campaign advertising.

And why it might not:

Ad rates are relatively low, and were driven down even further by Televisa's ownership in the 1990s to boost network volume.

Discounts are high-30% to 60% for TV and up to 95% for radio.

Mexico's total ad market is only worth about $4 billion, compared to over $260 billion in the U.S.
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