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Arnold Worldwide, Boston, and Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami

Chief Creative Officer: Ron Lawner

Creative Directors: Peter Favat, Alex Bogusky

Art Director: Alex Burnard

Copywriter: Ari Merkin

Producer: Keith Dezen

Production Co.: Redtree Productions, Boston

Director: Christian Hoagland

Editorial Co.: Mad River Post, New York

Editor: Tom Scherma

They're storming the Bastille at 42nd and Park in Manhattan as white panel trucks pull up outside the offices of Philip Morris. The Big Tobacco Company being assaulted by a run-and-gun team of twentysomething activists is never mentioned by name, but we New Yorkers know who it is. As security guards look out the window, 1,200 simulated body bags are dumped on the sidewalk around the building to illustrate how many people die every day from smoking-related diseases. Shot on video to give it a documentary feel, this spot makes its case in a no-nonsense way, even if its efforts to look like a street protest come off a little bit forced.


Mass. Dept. of Public Health

"46 Years Old"

Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Chief Creative Officer: Ron Lawner

Group Creative Director: Peter Favat

Creative Director: Stu Cooperrider

Art Directors: Lisa Hickey, Rachel Houk Seeger

Copywriter: Bill Girouard

Producer: Tim Legallo

Production Co.: Picture Park, Boston

Director: Carolyn Chen

Editor: Shondra Burke

United Way

"911 Call"

The Star Group, Cherry Hill, N.J.

Creative Director: Rick Ender

Art Director: Craig Mikes

Copywriters: Rick Ender, Kevin Couch

Producer: Rick Ender

Production Co.: Believe Media, Los Angeles

Director: Hugh Keenan

Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Editor: Dave Koza

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