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Contest #428: Out of the gyms, through the telephone wires and into the computer ... nothing but Internet. That's what comes to mind after Reebok has become one of the first advertisers to go online through the Internet. We can imagine accessing sports stats, but chatting with Nancy Kerrigan? ... That might be a little corny. T.N.T.ers, let's imagine the decor of other advertisers' Internet homes: come up with the next advertiser to build a domain on the Internet and what services it would offer.

And now for the results of Contest #424: We asked you for the next ad campaign inspired by psychedelic '60s and we tripped out on:

First Prize: As "Purple Haze" blares away, the spot flashes back and forth between a long-haired hippy at Woodstock and the same man 25 years later-balding and paunchy, wearing a suit and tie. Voice-over alternates in sync with images: "Acid ... indigestion ... Acid ... indigestion." The voice concludes: "Pepto-Bismol. Fast relief for your stomach. In psychedelic pink." Jeff Walter, copywriter, Vital Communications, Lexington, Ky.

Second Prize: Disney's new Psychedelica Swirl popsicles. Each one of these character-shaped popsicles has its own unique multicolored, tie-dye pattern, promoting the idea of "doing your own thing." What do they taste like? After about two or three, it doesn't really matter. Mickey, dressed in faded denim shorts, tie-dyed suspenders, love beads and Lennon glasses, exclaims in his famous voice, "Hey kids! Try my new Psychedelica Swirl frozen treats! But don't feel like you have to; I don't wanna lay a rules trip on you, man!" Patrick Yourell, student, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Sparta, Wis.

Third Prize: Volkswagen introduces a commemorative '60s VW bus, complete with psychedelic paint, studded denim seats, love beads hanging from the rear-view mirror and a flower attached to the antenna. Jim Sabo, owner, Brose Productions, Tarrytown, N.Y.

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