Questions with Steve Largent

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President-CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association Steve Largent talks about the issues that need tackling as he kicks off the Wireless I.T. & Entertainment conference in San Francisco this week.

AA: When will the mobile phone become a true third screen?

Mr. Largent: You are seeing that evolving today. ... You now can surf the Internet, you can take pictures. It's an MP3 player.

AA: What are the hurdles?

Mr. Largent: Taxes and regulations are two of the big stumbling stones.

AA: What is the potential for advertising?

Mr. Largent: The sky's the limit. ...The big difference is that unlike newspapers or TV advertising, the advertising will be done with the explicit consent of the person you are contacting.

AA: What about pornography on cellphones?

Mr. Largent: Consumers will be broken down into two groups, over 18 will contain any information the carrier will provide. Under 18, there's going to be explicit boundaries on what carriers can provide to those customers.

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