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Ingmar? What the hell kind of wussy name is Ingmar!? In this stultifying era of political correctness, we are happy to discover there is still one nationality you can insult with impunity. Those damn meatballin' Swedes! This ad for the Psygnosis videogame Global Domination is headlined, "Stood up by a blonde? Carpet bomb Sweden." Hey, no more Absolut ads! Cool!

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Congratulations to Hilton Hotels for winning in two categories this month: besides Worst Art Direction in a Newspaper Ad, they're making off with the coveted Best Larry King/John Lennon Combo Shill. Larry even has his hand out for payment, and if you look closely you can see prescient Yoko adding up John's posthumous ad royalties on an abacus.

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Guys! Here's a chick

you won't mind having around on Football Sunday! Best Use of a Woman With a TV Set for a Head goes to Unisys, for a new campaign tagged, "We eat, sleep and drink this stuff." Flush the rest of that stuff down the toilet, Unisys, it's

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