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The movie "Quiz Show" (above), about the 1956 scandal involving the TV program "Twenty-One," is packing audiences into movie houses. Inspired by its popularity, Geritol--a sponsor of "Twenty-One" at the time of the scandal--undertook a nationwide survey of TV viewers' opinions of quiz shows.

Percent agreeing with the following statement: Compared with classics from the 1950s, do you feel today's TV quiz shows ...

Have more credibility? 62%

Are more challenging? 61%

Are more entertaining? 59%

Which quiz show do you prefer watching?

Jeopardy! 38%

Wheel of Fortune 29%

The Price Is Right 18%

Which quiz show host do you believe is more honest/more appealing?

Honesty Geritol rating rating

Rank Host Show (10 maximum) (50 maximum)*

1 Alex Trebek Jeopardy! 8.6 41

2 Bob Barker The Price Is Right 7.1 38

3 Pat Sajak Wheel of Fortune 7.1 36

Most likely to take Geritol, according to the survey, was Bob Barker-who came to mind for 75% of respondents.

*Combines indvidual scores for honesty, personality, intelligence, wardrobe and sex appeal for each host. Source: the Geritol Survey of TV Game Shows and Hosts, conducted among 350 respondents by random phone interviews September 16-20; margin of error is plus or minus 5 percentage points.

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