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Washington's Rampaging Elephants
Brand: Anti-Bush
Title: "Radical Rampage"
Agency: Zimmerman & Markman, Santa Monica.

Rushing to create an attention-getting TV spot for the closing hours before the April 28 congressional committee vote on President Bush's judicial nominees, called in New York animation shop FlickerLab. The spot, which is as vitriolic as's normal anti-Bush fare, has radical elephants raging through Washington, destroying its institutions. The message may be a bit over the top but the execution is certainly entertaining.

Going to Graceland
Marketer: Elvis Presley Enterprises
Brand: Graceland
Title: "Graceland"
Agency: Thompson & Co., Memphis

Elvis may have left the building for good in 1977 but the building -- Graceland in Memphis -- remains a major tourist attraction that must keep ticket sales rolling to survive. This month, The King's mansion launches its first ever TV ad campaign.

Tomato Fight
Marketer: Unilever Canada
Brand: Sunlight Liquid Soap
Title: "Tomato Fight"
Agency: Zig, Toronto

Just as some people go to Spain's Pamplona to be chased by bulls, others go to Spain's Buñol to be pelted with puree in an annual townwide tomato fight. A tradition since the 1940s, Buñolians conduct their spatter fest with a quarter-million pounds of tomatoes in what has to be one of the world's messiest cultural events. Unilever plays off that with a pitch for the laundry soap best able to deal with tomato stains: Sunlight Liquid.

Wookie Tunes
Marketer: Cingular
Brand: Cingular
Title: "Star Wars"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Chewbacca the Wookie is in the recording studio laying down some sound for an upcoming 'Star Wars' ringtone download promotion for Cingular.

Cavemen and Dinosaurs
Marketer: British Columbia Dairy Foundation
Brand: Milk
Title: "T-Rex"
Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver

Paleontologists, who tend to be sticklers for accuracy in their evolutionary timelines, go crazy over movies and TV shows that mix cavemen with dinosaurs. Now they have a milk commercial to grouse about. Non-boneheads will love the thing.

Fish Bowl Snorkler
Marketer: Lipton Ice Tea
Brand: Lipton Ice Tea
Title: "Fishbowl"
Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam

Exasperated by a long winter and desperate for the refreshing feeling of summer, a crazed ice tea drinker duct tapes his head in a fish bowl in order to pretend he's snorkeling.

Thieving Raccoons
Marketer: Wendy's
Brand: Wendy's
Title: "Raccoons"
Agency: McCann Erickson, New York

With Dave Thomas gone and Mr. Wendy's given the heave, Wendy's has brought on a trio of bandit raccoons to star in its latest ad. They steal both a car and food from Wendy's, so the whole thing has a certain edge to it.

Tanqueray's Mr. Sinclair
Marketer: Diageo
Brand: Tanqueray Gin
Title: "Iceburg"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York

In its latest push to sell British gin to an American urban audience, Tanqueray has made up the offbeat British character 'Tony Sinclair.' Don't be surprised if you see Tony migrating into the entertainment world.

First Tire on the Moon
Marketer: "Goodyear
Brand: Goodyear
Title: "Innovations"
Agency: Leagas Delaney, London

This spot provides fodder for your next round of Trivial Pursuit. In 1971, when the first wheeled vehicle was transported to the moon on Apollo 14, it rolled across the lunar surface on specially designed, nitrogen-inflated Goodyear tires. But what do nitrogen moon tires have to do with the nasty daily realities of 80-mile-an-hour life on the New Jersey Turnpike?

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