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You needn't be ancient to remember when radio was almost a dinosaur. TV, that brash upstart, ate the older medium's lunch in the '50s, rapidly replacing it as a national entertainment, news and advertising vehicle. Indeed, some observers consigned radio to oblivion. But, like Mark Twain, reports of its death were greatly exaggerated. Instead, radio began the long process of redefining itself, and now, on its 75th anniversary, it indeed lives up to the former Radio Advertising Bureau slogan: "Radio-it's red hot!"

This comeback is summed up in a word: segmentation. Before other media tuned in to the idea, radio perfected program (and listener) niches with an ever-changing list of formats like all-news, talk, hard rock, soft rock, oldies, foreign language and more.

Today's media world is changing in unpredictable ways. Radio, over its lifespan, has made adaptation its specialty. When its centennial rolls around, we're confident it will be adeptly serving its listeners and marketers in ways not yet imagined.

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