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Following spirited discussions, the Ad Age Best judges ruled that two humorous :60 beer spots would share the Best Radio Advertising of 1999 award. The co-winners are "Conditional Tense" for Dos Equis and "Garden Gnome" for Bud Light.

Labatt USA's Dos Equis: "Conditional Tense"

Ammirati Puris Lintas, New York.

Executive creative directors: Roger Bentley and Rob Feakins

One of a series of Labatt's "Introduction to Spanish" campaign of edgy spots, this features a lesson in the conditional tense set in a bar.

Anheuser-Busch Cos.'s Bud Light: "Garden Gnome"

DDB Worldwide, Chicago.

Group creative director: John Immesoete; account exec: J.T. Mapel

A guy who makes garden gnomes is lauded in this tongue-in-cheek execution in Bud Light's "Real America Heroes" series.


Cardinal Stritch University: "Rodney"

Meyer & Wallis, Milwaukee

Creative director: Tom Dixon; account exec: Brett Liljegren

A mother tearfully describes how son Rodney had a monkey take his ACT test ("The monkey did pretty well -- got a 33"). As a result, the boy is going to college in Ecuador; that's where the monkey wanted the score sent because it's got bananas. Voice-over extols Cardinal Stritch U. and warns against letting monkeys take ACT tests.

Anheuser-Busch Cos.'s Bud Light: "Driving Range"

DDB Worldwide, Chicago

Group creative director: John Immesoete

Account exec: J. T. Mapel

Another of the "Real American Heroes" spots, this pays humorous homage to the man who drives the ball picker-upper tractor on the driving range and who bravely throws himself "directly in the path of adversity."

Hollywood Video: "American Pie" Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York.

Creative director: Arthur Bijur; account exec: Cathy Goldman

One of the sponsor's "60-Second Theater" spots giving outrageous condensations of films, this one spoofs the teen "coming-of-age" genre. VO says if this presentation isn't satisfying ("and we can't say we blame you"), then rent the film at Hollywood Video.

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