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I read the article on Holiday Inn's new ad campaign ("No room for logic at Holiday Inn Express," Ad Review, AA, May 11). My comments are as follows:

As Holiday Inn has always said, "The best surprise is no surprise," and once again we at Ramada are not surprised by the caliber of Holiday Inn ads.

Those poor souls. I know they mean well.

Steven J. Belmonte

President-CEO, Ramada

Parsippany, N.J.

PIB counting rules

It was with considerable interest that we read the May 11 editorial "PIB can't hide data quandary."

For a number of reasons, including its failure to consider volume discounts in its reporting, that editorial called for PIB to undertake development of a system that more accurately reflects modern day business practices.

At Nielsen Media's Monitor-Plus service, we believe that system already exists.

Not only does our independent monitoring of national advertising in consumer magazines reflect corporate volume discounts, it also affords subscribers the means to easily track competitive positioning performance, by publication, against competitive brands/advertisers, as well as against the norm for a given category . . .

With the advent of the expansion of Nielsen Media Research's Monitor-Plus service into the reporting of national advertising in consumer magazines, the call to action contained within your editorial has already been met.

David B. Thomas

Senior VP-Director of Marketing

Nielsen Monitor-Plus

New York

Internet counting rules

While some may yearn for a "Nielsen of the Web" to bring order to the online world ("Internet needs counting rules," Viewpoint, AA, April 20), the Audit Bureau of Circulations, through its ABC Interactive unit, has been bringing true, census-based accountability to the Web since 1996.

In its first two years, ABC Interactive has been engaged to perform audits involving Web sites, search engines, e-mail delivery systems, chat rooms and Internet broadcasters for 142 online entities, including the CNN, Pathfinder, Wired Digital, Deja News and Yahoo International sites. ABC Interactive added 39 new clients in the first quarter of 1998 alone.

No less an authority than Forrester Research has predicted a dramatically increased role for auditing in the Web's future. Some 64% of the advertisers Forrest recently surveyed indicated they will demand third-party audits of content providers by the year 2000, compared with the 12% currently doing so.

The report named ABC Interactive as one of the auditors "best positioned to capitalize" on the growing demand for online auditing.

What content providers and advertisers increasingly are realizing is that measuring (or rating) Web performance is not the same thing as objectively verifying this performance -- and that, while both are needed, they must be undertaken by separate entities.

Michael J. Lavery

President-Managing Director

Audit Bureau of Circulations

Schaumburg, Ill.

Not so well balanced

I just picked up a copy of the issue touting TBWA Chiat/Day as Agency of the Year ("The Best Agencies" Special Report, AA, March 30). I read with interest the ups and downs and ins and outs of the agency, which seems to owe much of its success to Lee Clow.

But I was disappointed when I reached the section titled "A Well-Balanced Agency." Read the names in this section: Mr. Tragos, Mr. Clow, Mr. Kuperman, Mr. McClellan, Mr. Gentile, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Siltanen, Mr. Angelos, Mr. Segall, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Williams.

And take a look at the photographs of agency people that accompanied the article. Are there any women or people of color? Not very "balanced," is it?

I work for a small advertising agency on California's Central Coast. Two of the top three positions -- president-CEO and VP-operations -- are held by women.

Our city, population 40,000, may not be considered as progressive in some ways as Los Angeles or New York. But we seem to be well ahead of the "Big Boys," pun intended, when it comes to the women's movement -- of which there seems to be little in the Agency of the Year. What are the criteria for that award, anyway?

Mary Schiller

San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Jerry to Jerry

Regarding "Jerry to Jerry: Come, join us," AA, May 18:

Jerry. You de Adman! Thank you for your insights into the biz!

Mike Furesz

VP-Account Services

Smith Kaplan Allen & Reynolds


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