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The country's biggest publisher offers wireless applications at Web sites for Money, Sports Illustrated, People and Teen People, with many more due to roll out this year. Only Time's site offers podcasts, but more are coming.


The CondeNet division sells Vogue advertisers' goods at and plans to expand its network of destination sites like, and CondeNet, which has doubled its staff in the last 18 months and plans to launch a site for teens later this year, is moving to larger offices.


Hachette, which is already making digital replicas of every magazine available, is testing blogs at,,, and Check out, the companion site to the forthcoming Shock magazine.


CosmoGirl and Seventeen's sites use audio, video and blogs to attract several million unique visitors a month. One-quarter of its titles now offer content for mobile consumption.

MEREDITH relaunches and American Baby introduces a handheld platform in the next few weeks. The Better Homes & Gardens site draws 6-7 million unique visitors per month during holiday seasons.
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