Rembering Mr. Frost

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Andrew Robertson, president-CEO, BBDO Worldwide

"We dined together exactly two weeks ago at Boa in Los Angeles-Caesar salad, Kansas City filet mignon (bone-in), and a good bottle of California red wine 'made the way the French do it, please.' We talked about boarding schools and George W. Bush, science fiction and Latin, his recent trip to Moscow and the home he was planning to make in Vancouver. We talked about the 'devices formerly known as cellphones' and 'the business formerly known as advertising.' On all topics, Geoffrey was, as usual, elegantly opinionated, wry and witty, and occasionally reached into his bottomless bag of brilliant quotations. It was business and pleasure-appropriately. Geoffrey had a gentle, but intoxicating enthusiasm for his life. He loved what he did, and it showed. The tall guy in the sneakers with the phone. I knew him for six months.

Way too short. But I am so very lucky that I did."

Maurice Levy, chairman-CEO, Publicis Groupe:

"I was overwhelmed by his talent as a writer and by the brilliance of his ideas. He was a very thoughtful person, a great partner, a remarkable colleague and always very friendly."

H. Mitchell Kanner, CEO, 2 Degrees Ventures:

"They say in your life you can count your friends on one hand. I feel like I just lost a finger. And the industry has suffered the loss of one of the most progressive and tasteful Renaissance persons in marketing."

Brendan Ryan, chairman, Foote Cone & Belding:

"Geoffrey has always been one of those truly larger-than-life people who literally filled a room with enthusiasm, humor and brilliance. He really did. And he did it in every job he ever had."

Ed McCabe, founder, Scali McCabe Sloves:

"He worked long and hard to get to where he got-the top of his game. He really hit his stride. This is so shocking."

Dave Luhr, chief operating officer, Wieden & Kennedy:

"Geoffrey was one of those rare clients who knew how to push an agency. He understood the value of a sharp strategy and a superior creative product and would do whatever it took to make sure it was always delivered. We will miss Geoffrey and the industry will miss Geoffrey."

Rich Silverstein, co-chairman, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners:

"This guy was really a futurist. He really wanted to do great things. He was challenging and didn't like the status quo. [As a client] he was too good to believe. He was always asking the right questions. He was hard to keep up with."

Alex Melvin, founding partner, 180 Amsterdam:

"He was a tall man, a larger than life personality, and a huge intellect. The marketing world has just lost one of its true giants. We'll miss him badly."

Steve Stoute, founder of Translation Consulting and Brand Imaging

"His understanding of design as well as the consumer was something that was taking Motorola and changing it and introducing it to a new generation of telephonic users...We'll see a lot of great things from Motorola in the next two years, all the result of Geoffrey's work. It's sad to see it end this way."

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