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Majority Vote: Good Idea, Poor Execution

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NEW YORK ( -- Results are in from last week's Ad Age poll on's YouTube video effort to pitch itself for the Subway advertising account.

THE QUESTION: Was's posting on YouTube about its pursuit of the Subway account a good way to pitch business?

THE FINAL VOTE: No 61%, Yes 39%'s video took viewers inside its offices. | ALSO : Comment on this story in the 'Your Opinion' box below.'s video took viewers inside its offices. | ALSO : Comment on this story in the 'Your Opinion' box below.
THE STORY: When's nine-minute pitch for the Subway account was posted to YouTube, it wasn't long before the advertising blogosphere and the industry in general were talking about it. But almost all of the talk was negative, and the video's cast was ridiculed for their seeming egomania and cluelessness. That was echoed by 61% of voters in an Advertising Age poll. Carol Lewis, media director of AdForce, called the effort "mortifying-on so many levels." Ed Mangino, a creative director in Detroit, said: "In the video, one staffer says, 'I'm a little bit worried.' He should have been a lotta bit worried."

A few voters praised the effort. " has created a video that has spread to thousands of people, generated media exposure and started a conversation about whether or not it's a good tactic. Everyone at Subway knows who is now," said Casey Fleming, client services director, Grant Harrison Advertising. But many on both sides shared the opinion of Euro RSCG Worldwide International New-Business Director Jonathan Goldmacher: "Interesting approach; embarrassing execution."

Michael Duda, partner and director-business development and corporate initiatives for Deutsch, said came off as "self-absorbed" and "insincere," but praised the cast's "conviction to stand out from their competition and showcase the power of viral." Peter Fontano, a contracts and procurements analyst for Shell Lubricants, agreed. "You have to distinguish yourself from the pack somehow. Even if this doesn't win them the Subway business, the exposure is pretty impressive. "

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What you say: 61% of voters said's effort to win the Subway interactive account by taping its pitch and posting the result on YouTube was not a good move. Still, of that 61%, many faulted only the execution. And 39% of voters gave the idea an outright thumbs up.
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