Published on . "Spent Two Minutes"

FCB Worldwide, San Francisco

Director: Joe Public


A Lawrence Welk-style group of singers perform a spirited and goofy song, "I Spent Two Minutes for Your Gift," in this kitschy Happy Holidays greeting during the key fourth-quarter sales period. It looks and sounds like the real thing. Send in the bubbles.


Toys R Us: "Raincheck" Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

Director: Trevor Robins, Quiet Storm

A chubby, sweet kid on a couch is seen hugging a card that reads "Raincheck." "You're my favorite friend," coos the child. Announcer, dripping with irony, says in voice-over: "Here's something you'll never see." The kid plays outside with his raincheck, running across the lawn while the kids across the street watch in bewilderment. This is loopy stuff, but it makes a ringing point. "Why settle for a raincheck when you can go to and get what they really want this holiday season?" Brilliant deadpan humor and great acting. "Pottery" :30

Mullen, Wenham, Mass.

Donald Trump takes a pottery class. Why? Does he like the feel of soft malleable clay between his fingers? In any case, he doesn't have a knack for it. His creations fall apart in a pile of mush. He turns to the patient potter next to him and offers him $500 for his pot. What are they selling in this spot? Believe it or not, it's a computer e-tail site. "We can help" is the tagline. The zinger arrives as The Donald washes his hands. A stunning potteress is sharing the sink with him. "Hey," she says, casually. "Hey, yourself," says the Donald, lasciviously.

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