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Moving to Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1959, the Volkswagen of America account was to spend $1 million in advertising and promotion during 1960. Volkswagen became DDB's first car account. Running the VW campaign in 1960 for DDB were Helmut Krone for art and Julian Koenig for copy under the leadership of President William Bernbach. "Think small" was one of a series of the VW ads appearing in 1960. Ad Age asked: What headline could so quickly cause an American to stop and look and listen as to urge him to reverse his unquestioned assumption that, to be successful, one must think big? We like the admission these "strange little cars" have "beetle shapes." How more effectively kill off the opprobrium of beetle appearance than to frankly and, with humor, admit it? Why not brilliantly capitalize on the admission by saying, "Beetles multiply; so
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