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Client: Bacardi Spice/Bacardi Limon

Agency: Ammirati & Puris/Lintas

Brilliant art direction! Witty headlines! These ads rule! They rock my world. Two thumbs up. Gold statues all around! "As good as it gets!" What an understatement!

Client: Captain Morgan spiced rum

Agency: Grey/New York

Focus groups tell us that this kind of witty irreverance directly appeals to Generation X. That captain sure is crazy. So is the creative team that came up with this campaign. I wonder if they're hanging around the guys who did the Gordon's ad. If not, they should really hook up. I'm sure they'd have a lot to talk about. Client: Gordon's gin

Agency: Avrett Free & Ginsberg

This ad sucks so bad it's actually good! It enters that strange mythic realm of bad advertising we here at Gyro strive for: the cheesy illustrations, the stupid tagline (that someone actually registered to insure no one would steal it), and the crowning glory is the little piggy mascot with human hands.

Client: Kool

Agency: Grey/New York

Attack of the giant Jell-O mold! I never tasted Kool brand gelatin, but it sure looks refreshing. Since when does this stuff need a government warning?

Client: Newport

Agency: Compton PartnersSaatchi & Saatchi/New York

Long before Mentos was the Freshmaker, Newport was "Alive with pleasure." This campaign rules. And it's not even European. Great typography! Great use of color! Plus, the whitest teeth I've ever seen. My all-time favorite Newport ad is the one where the girl puts her handprints on the guy's ass. Very erotic. Client: Gianni Versace

Agency: In-house

Bon Jovi?! What, Whitesnake wasn't available? Maybe it should have been Meatloaf. Yeah that would have been cool. Actually, Bon Jovi is such a way out

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