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Client: Conde Nast Publications Agency: Berlin Wright Cameron

Director: Mark Coppos, Buddy Cone, Coppos Sato Thomas Films

This commercial is very intriguing. First of all, it's beautifully shot. Kudos to the director and production designer. Secondly, it's thought provoking. Everyone is curious about the information superhighway because no one knows exactly what this new technology will bring. This spot tells us that Conde Nast will continue to provide relevant information through its publications, even as new forms of communication are introduced, which is an important message to convey as people begin to question the future of print media.

Client: Toyota Agency: Oasis, New York

I think this ad is terrific. The design is clean and simple, the copy is clear and to the point, and the strategy is right on. These days, we all feel a little guilty about buying Japanese. This tells me, hey, don't feel so bad. Toyota is building cars right here in Georgetown, Ky., creating over 16,000 jobs for Americans.

Client: Oaktree

Agency: Gyro Advertising

In the fashion business, it's all about getting noticed. And when you put Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Saddam Hussein in a headline, you tend to attract some attention. Which is exactly what Oaktree intended. They're obviously poking fun at the current Gap campaign. The ad may be designed to shock, but the underlying message makes sense: Why wear khakis just because others have worn them? Be original. This ad certainly is.

Client: Sears Agency: Young & Rubicam/New York

This is a textbook example of good strategy and bad execution. The notion that Sears sells more than tools is a good one, but visual puns like these have been done to death. And the attitude is very sexist. The account executives deserve a good grade on this one, the creatives get a C-.


Client: Vivarin

Agency: Grey Advertising

Director: Ernie Mosteller,N ur Eye Films

I don't know exactly who the target for Vivarin is, but I imagine they are trying to appeal to a younger audience with this spot. It mimics (very badly) the fast-cutting MTV style you're all familiar with. The themeline flashed ad nauseam on screen reads, "No mo slo mo." I simply say, "No mo."

Client: Coca Cola Agency: Fallon McElligott

Director: Tarsem, Spots Films

After seeing this commercial you may have a few questions, like why is this elephant swimming? Why is he drinking Diet Coke? And how did they ever sell this spot to the client? None of that matters. It's great. Diet sodas are nothing more than water and sweeteners, and all you've got is attitude. And this one has

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