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Client: Boar's Head Agency: Altschiller & Co. Director: Henry Sandbank, Sandbank Films

I have seen this kind of idea a dozen times. It's a slapstick factory scene showing how the competition goes about manufacturing turkeys like inflatable fowl. As part of a large body of consistently good work it is somewhat forgivable, as I doubt that consumers keep track of ideas as zealously as we do-if at all.

Client: Chicago Daily Herald Agency: Arian Lowe & Travis

I forced myself to read these bilious advertisements, and they are as unconvincing as they look. Save me from all creative people who think "different" and "better" mean the same thing.

Client: Knight Ridder Agency: Beber Silverstein & Partners

I couldn't be bothered trying to negotiate these typographical obstacle courses. Who could?

Client: Maidenform

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/New York

Three superb advertisements from my old alma mater. Intelligent, tasteful, wry and-dare I say it-uplifting.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Agency: Lowe & Partners SMS

Director: Kevin McFarlane, Palomar Pictures

I find the new Mercedes stuff dreadfully self-conscious and totally antithetical to my fundamental understanding of the brand. It strikes me as absurd that a marque of such note would make commercials congratulating itself on abilities as trivial as passing a truck, navigating different roads and being mentioned in a Janis Joplin hit. Is it just me?

Ross Sutherland

Chief Creative Officer/Deputy

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