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Hey, everybody, let's do the hokey hoagie! But it may be a case of grinder's keepers, viewers weepers as Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners brings us Blimpie, starring the sub-seller's CEO, Anthony Conza. Optic Nerve's Phil Morrison directed.

Mark Cohen/Art Director

Kresser Stein Robaire,

Santa Monica, Calif.

Overall, the campaign looks great. The simple set, cool colors and clean type will cut through all the eye garbage fed daily to the American public. The spot with the photo album is one of the funniest I've seen in a while. Watching that guy look at pictures of his sandwiches is an ingenious way of showing the product while not taking yourself too seriously.

Christopher Wilson/Senior Writer

Martin/Williams, Minneapolis

It's not that these spots completely sucked, it's just that they were middle of the road, and I'm not used to seeing middle of the road from K&B. The funky minimalist art direction was cool, and I kind of liked the spot where the owner of Blimpie's is looking through his photo album of sandwiches. But singing "I love you more than I can say" to a sandwich? That was stupid. And the blind taste test where Conza eats only his own sandwich? How many billions of times has that been done? Sorry guys, the ideas are a little hackneyed, and the spots a little flat.

Liz Paradise/Copywriter

McKinney & Silver, Raleigh, N.C.

It's clear that the Blimpie CEO loves his subs, but I don't love these spots. Wouldn't you be worried if the CEO didn't think highly of his own product? I'm more concerned with how I'll like it. I do, however, applaud K&B for trying to do something clean and simple amid the sea of frenetic food chain ads.

Joe Massaro/Art Director

Castle Underwood, New York

I'm not hungry for some Frank Perdue-meets-Wendy-from-Snapple-hero, even if it's covered in mayo. Equally unappetizing is the cheesy typography, accordion music and overall unflattering production values-aren't I supposed to be turned on by the Blimpie experience, not turned off?

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