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Undertaking a grave new project. Cincinnati's Aurora Casket Co. "is bringing the funeral business to life," according to a release announcing an interactive kiosk Aurora has developed for funeral directors. You can browse the "Value Line" of caskets or drag-and-drop images of bronze, pewter, steel and wooden cremation urns into a display case to view various arrangements. Best of all, funeral directors can download the program to a floppy disc and take it into customer's homes. We're sure they're dying to see it.

This site's a hoot. If you're looking for a personalized, autographed photo of your favorite waitress in a bikini, the Hooters restaurant chain has just opened a site on the Web at The photos are for sale, as are trading cards, and the site accepts major credit cards. And they said you couldn't do transactions on the Web.

Take me out to the ballgame (sort of). Ever wanted to chat in real time with TV announcers during a baseball game? SportsChannel Ohio invited viewers to send e-mail to its Prodigy address during a recent Cleveland Indians-Baltimore Orioles game. The cable channel responded to more than 50 messages on topics ranging from Indians player stats to the team's chances of winning the pennant this year. It's interactive TV, after all.

Drink up. Southern Comfort is for city folk. Jack Daniel's is for small-town lovers. Those seem to be the positioning statements of the Web sites run by these marketers of alcoholic beverages. Southern Comfort ( publishes entertainment guides to Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and other big cities online. Jack Daniel's ( takes the opposite tack, introducing visitors to the small-town delights of its hometown of Lynchburg, Tenn. (pop. 361). The site even boasts reports from the Moore County News, normally accessible to a much smaller base of readers.

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