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Take a wok on the wild side. Online 'zines-those cutting-edge interactive magazines not available in print-are popping up all over the Internet. The latest to cross our desk-er, computer screen-is eGG, short for electronic Gourmet Guide. Created by two Californians, the current issue of the twice-monthly ( features an article on Chinese New Year and an interview with chef Martin Yan, as well as ads from Kikkoman soy sauce and Guiltless Gourmet. As founder Kate Heyhoe puts it, eGG is "on the slicing and dicing edge of technology."

We'd rather wear our heart on our sleeve. Netwear, based in the oh-so-hip city of Elizabeth, N.J., is marketing a line of hats and T-shirts emblazoned with emoticons-those cutesy online symbols used to express frowns :(, winks ;) and surprise =:o. For Valentine's Day, they're even offering a @}-- (rose) and {*} (hug and kiss) design. For service with a :), e-mail [email protected]

They'll need to be sequestered in a very big hotel. O.J. Simpson is being tried not just in court, but also in cyberspace. Courtroom TV's Law Center is posting daily transcripts of the proceedings on America Online and Prodigy. Now comes word that Interactive Network has formed a "jury" of 150 subscribers, who will answer a series of questions on the trial each week. A survey taken before the opening gavel found 35% think O.J. is guilty, 23% think he's not guilty and the rest haven't made up their minds.

See the Mayan ruins without leaving home. Log onto the Internet or Prodigy to join Mayaquest, a team of four bicyclists exploring the ancient Mayan civilization in the jungles of Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Honduras. Although you won't feel the mud in your face or the ache in your muscles, you can communicate with the adventurers and share your knowledge and ideas about the Mayan civilization. To learn more about Mayaquest or participate in the ad-sponsored expedition, send an e-mail message to [email protected] on the 'net or jump "Mayaquest" on Prodigy.M

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