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Why not Toyota Motor Sales' Lexus division today opens a Web site at to promote next month's Lexus Challenge golf tourney, and a Lexus... truck, the marque's first sport utility vehicle. Which makes us ask: Why do automakers have to choose such confusing domain names? There's, and Thank heaven for good old

Interact with Fabio. No, really. Some might call it a logical progression. Fabio, that romance novel coverboy, on Jan. 13 makes his debut as co-host of a new interactive TV show called "It's Not About Sex." The participatory game show, created by GTE mainStreet, asks such questions as "Which wife of Tom Cruise publicly complained about his performance in bed?" (We're guessing it's his ex.) Amazingly, this gig is not a stretch for Fabio, who, we're told, has an engineering background and is an avid technophile. And he got those amazing pecs from bench-pressing Macs.

Taking off...and grounded. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways ( is pitching advertisers on its interactive entertainment system by offering to tell them how many people accessed the show containing their ad, on which route and-in the international spirit-in which language (Chinese, English, Japanese or Korean). Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, Virgin Atlantic Airways was assessed a $14,000 fine by the U.S. Department of Transportation for failing to disclose the full price of flights advertised on its Web site (

The gang's all here. We think Alfalfa would fit in perfectly on the Web. And apparently so does ABC Radio Network. ABC and videomaker Cabin Fever Entertainment are teaming up to bring us a "Little Rascals" promotion on America Online. Read a synopsis of each video in the series. Then download a coupon toward purchase. The only thing missing, in our opinion-the audio. It's ABC Radio, after all.

It's in the stars. The latest oddity to come out of America Online's ever-widening gallery of Greenhouse graduates is AstroNet, a "one-stop" service to learn how to interpret astrological charts-and possibly meet the Leo of your dreams. Hey, the way AOL's been racking up subscribers, maybe the planets are aligned in its favor.

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