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Yikes, a yidentity crisis! Yahoo, probably one of the coolest brand names on the 'net, is looking for a tagline that's just as cool. A contest running through mid-November on Yahoo's site at asks for a phrase of 10 words or fewer that best describes the meaning of Yahoo. (While we're on the subject, the "yidentity crisis" phrase is theirs, not ours, by the way.) But before you put pen to paper, or fingers to e-mail, be forewarned: The contest is closed to anyone working in advertising or promotions. Too bad, you could've won yourself a nice little Silicon Graphics WebFORCE System worth about $14,000. Maybe next time.

Letting loose in Liechtenstein. We know you've always wanted to play the lottery in Liechtenstein, that lovely little country (really, it's only 16 miles by 4 miles) nestled somewhere between Austria and Switzerland. Right from your very own computer, you can join the Lotto festivities every Saturday as the country's first female bobsleigh competitor draws the winning numbers at Schwefel's (Liechtenstein's best Mexican restaurant). Although cyberspace probably can't compare with those Liechtenstein tacos, you can charge about $12 on your credit card at to choose your Lotto numbers. Hey, the top prize is $1 million. At that rate, it's worth a shot.

Give yourself a Jolt. As the first soda to list its URL ( on the can, it's no wonder Jolt cola is calling itself the unofficial "poster child" for the huge number of late-night Web surfers. In fact, Webbies have taken such a liking to the site that Jolt is sponsoring a contest for the best unofficial Jolt Web site (of which there are many). Winners will be awarded groovy Jolt paraphernalia like denim jackets, T-shirts and baseball caps. The only rules: each unofficial page must link to the official Jolt page, and the more flagrant the unofficial promotion of Jolt cola, the more bonus points you get.

Melts on your mouse, not on your hands. Ever wonder how they get those little "m's" onto the chocolate candy coating of M&Ms? Or think about how chocolate was discovered by the Mayans and Aztecs and later perfected by the Swiss? Now you can take a three-minute tour of an M&M/Mars chocolate factory at and see how the candies get to be who they are-the M&M's that we know and love so well.

Who are you? Fill out the online Personal Success Profile sponsored by Humanagement, Phoenix, and find out ( Billed as the "first truly interactive Web site" (we're sure others would beg to differ), the 32-question quiz promises to tell you about your "instinctive" nature. True, at the end of the quiz there's a bit of sell for software to conduct a more in-depth analysis of your profile, but this is an interesting, low-pressure way to analyze your psyche. Warning: The quiz takes much longer than the 20 minutes the authors tell you it does. Which makes us think these folks have a pretty darn captive audience if they ever wanted to take advertising.

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