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Bits and bytes from the new-media front.

Women of the Web. Playboy is planning a "Girls of the Net" pictorial and conducting a cyberspace search for women to appear in the feature. Interested visitors to Playboy's Web site ( are invited to e-mail their height, weight and measurements and to scan in a full-body photo of themselves in a bikini "or less." If you're wired but don't own a scanner, the magazine will accept photos via snail mail as well.

The bride wore white and carried a shiny disc. Bridalwear outfitter Dessy Creations is out to impress tech-minded brides. Dessy on April 6 will introduce IN Wedding, touted as the bridal industry's first CD-ROM. The disc, featuring all the essential information a bride must have, is sponsored by Eastman Kodak Co., Pfaltzgraff, Farberware and several wedding supply marketers.

Take me out to the ballpark. There may not be much action in the ballparks this spring, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from issuing a new and improved edition of Complete Baseball. The updated CD-ROM features a stadium guide, including seating charts and ticket information and an improved Baseball Daily online service where fans can "debate the game's emerging stars"-a euphemism for scabs, er, replacement players.

Dick Clark's rockin' info highway. Call it the latest sign of new media's arrival in the mainstream. NBC's hourlong "TV Censored Bloopers" special on March 18, hosted by the world's oldest teenager, featured an unusual twist. Mixed in with the outtakes from popular TV shows was a segment featuring bloopers from the CD-ROM "Wing Commander III" starring star warrior Mark Hamill. We wonder if this will lead to a spinoff series, "Slipped Discs."

Roseanne didn't even make the top 10. Who would you want along if you were stranded on a deserted island? Pamela Anderson and Sharon Stone, according to a survey of 210 Internet users sponsored by Asti Cinzano sparkling wine. Male respondents gave top billing to the actresses. Women's top pick: Brad Pitt.

Kick back with a cold one. No, not beer. Think refrigerators. Frigidaire is taking to the Web to introduce its new Gallery model line ( Interactive media is perfect for big-ticket items. But fridges on the 'net? We're not sure we can warm up to that idea.

Will our hero be digitized? Click in next week. "Parallel Lives," an online soap opera sponsored by RJR Nabisco, made its debut last week on The New York Times' site on America Online. Stories will end with a cliffhanger each week and users will be able to suggest plot twists via e-mail. We're sure they'll be more excited, though, by the four Nabisco-branded areas, led by Cream of Wheat's Breakfast Nook and Milk-Bone's Dog House.

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