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Bits and bytes from the new-media front.

Art imitates life. That Hollywood is starstruck by interactive media is nothing new. We've seen the CD-ROMs, Internet home pages and online movie promotions. Now it looks like we'll be able to see the movie. Columbia Pictures in September will release "The Net," touted as the "first movie about the much-ballyhooed information superhighway." The flick stars Sandra Bullock ("Speed") as a reclusive computer analyst who taps a top-secret database on the 'net and is targeted for murder. Filming began at the Macworld convention in San Francisco earlier this month, where Ms. Bullock told reporters she checks e-mail on her PowerBook-an Apple product, natch-twice a day. We're waiting for the cameos from Jerry Levin, Steve Case, Trip Hawkins, John Malone and other new-media luminaries.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Use the 'net to say I love you.

From 800-FLOWERS comes this call:

Go online and give it your all.

Write a 20-line poem about your honey,

Send it in, win flowers, trip and money.

The promo's touted as the biggest yet,

Via AOL, CompuServe, eWorld, the 'net.

So put fingers to keyboard without delay,

The deadline's Jan. 27, so type away.

Burning rubber on the info highway. Flat tire keeping you from cruising the online world? Stop off at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber store on CompuServe, where you can type in your vehicle's make, model and year and whether you value price, mileage or performance most. Goodyear will provide recommendations on two tires, but don't expect to be able to buy them and drive away online. You still have to go to a retailer for that.

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