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Loaded down with debt. The national debt isn't exactly fun and games, but that's what the Third Millenium is resorting to to incite young Americans to action ( A Web site sponsored by Third Millenium, a New York-based non-profit organization, features a continuously updated Cyber Debt Clock ticking up the debt (it's at $5 trillion, by the way) and a game called Debt Distortion where you can try to balance the federal budget. We wish you luck. If you succeed, we suggest you e-mail [email protected] The government could use more people like you.

Generation X-Lax. Scary but true, Generation Xers are a lot like their grandparents when it comes to computer habits. A survey of 1,700 PC households by Packard Bell Electronics finds that 42% of college students and those 25 to 34 go online, compared with 40% of senior citizens. College students log the most time online at 4.9 hours per week, vs. 3.9 hours per week for the old-timers. The survey did find at least one area where seniors and youths diverge: the average senior owns four telephones, three radios and three TVs, things those slacker Gen Xers could never afford more than one of.

Need a little comic relief? We sure do after trying to get our modems to interact with a handful of online services. Now Compaq and America Online will have you in stitches as comedian Dennis Miller guides users of new Compaq Presario machines step by step through the AOL registration process, from Modem 101 through the AOL welcome screen. Their next project ought to be throwing some comedy into those interminable wait times as Web pages download. Talk about a captive audience!M

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