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Bits and bytes from the new-media front.

What does Dave think? If you've been wondering what Jay Leno thinks of the new-media world, he recently shed some light on the subject. His jabs (made during a conventional, passive network TV broadcast): "Now they're talking about launching interactive TV ... Think about it-the reason guys watch TV in the first place is so they don't have to interact. If guys want to interact, they wouldn't be sitting there with a bottle of beer and potato chips, in their underwear, watching TV."

It's all in a name. Washington Post Co.'s Kaplan Educational Center claimed victory when a private arbitrator ruled that Princeton Review must give up the Internet e-mail address "" to its rival. Princeton Review said it claimed Kaplan's cybername as a joke. Kaplan President-CEO Jonathan Grayer isn't laughing: "If Princeton Review wants customers, they should focus on improving their courses rather than manipulating students."

Call it the anti-`Doom'. There's no question angels are hot these days. There are angel books and calendars and a recent poll found 69% of Americans believe in the astral beings. Now there's Angels, the CD-ROM. Live Entertainment-sensing a heavenly marketing opportunity-just released its first celestial disc with a suggested retail price of $59.98. According to press materials, Angels: The Mysterious Messengers lets you explore four different "angel worlds" (we're afraid to ask), interview angel experts, "enage in angel games" and shop for over 350 angel products. There's even a clip from "It's a Wonderful Life."

We wish we'd thought of that. Is the Internet a marketing tool for the cyberpowerful or a vast, confusing network of computers accessible only by nearly unintelligible commands? If you said the latter, there's hope. You can call 900-45-INTERNET, courtesy of Internet World publisher Mecklermedia Corp. For 95 cents a minute, Mecklermedia provides recorded information on how to find things on the 'net, how to mind your 'net manners and, by the way, how to subscribe to Internet World.M

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