What’s in store for retailers

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At $98,000 each, Fogscreens allows retailers to put ads anywhere in their stores, all without taking up valuable floor space. The Finnish-based company claims its fog so "dry" it doesn't get a shopper wet even if someone stands right in the middle of the ad. Using video projectors, a retailer can beam different ads on both sides of the "screen."

IBM Intelligent Shopping Cart

By swiping a loyalty card through a scanner, the cart offers shoppers on-the-spot promotions and personalized discounts. A consumer can wirelessly order, say that pound of roast turkey breast from the grocery deli, and get an alert when it's ready to be picked up.

MC70 The mobile manager

At $1,000 a pop, the do-it-all device lets a store manager not only use the Web to check inventory, but communicate with employees and the home office, and scan store items for customers.

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