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Barroom Sex Fantasy
Marketer: SABMiller Brewing Co.
Brand: Brutal Fruit
Title: "Voodoo"
Agency: The Martin Agency

Aimed at women 24 to 35, Brutal Fruit is a new fruit juice beverage with 4.5% alcoholic content. Available in mango, kiwi, litchi and strawberry flavors, it is billed as an 'All natural juice malt beverage.' Given the promotional tagline, 'Naughty by Nature,' it's no surprise that one of the product's first ads features an attractive young female's barroom sex fantasy.

Animal Auditions
Marketer: SABMiller Brewing
Brand: Miller Lite
Title: "Casting Call"
Agency: Y&R Chicago

Here, in its latest jab at arch-rival Anheuser-Busch, SABMiller Brewing mocks Budweiser's heavy use of animals in its ads. Aside from its famed Clydesdales, Budweiser commercials have been something of an ongoing zoo. For instance, a single Bud spot in this year's Super Bowl included a pig, giraffe, ostrich, camel, elephant, kangaroo, buffalo, donkey and sheep. Imagine what that casting call was like.

Got PMS?
Marketer: Calif. Milk Processors Board
Brand: Milk
Title: "Milk to the Rescue"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Got PMS? Get milk to relieve it is the unlikely message of this spot. Exactly what studies establish that calcium lessens menstrual symptoms? Who knows, who cares. The visual gag is a great one, guaranteed to elicit wry smiles from husbands coast to coast.

Eskimo Breath
Marketer: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Scope
Title: "Rubbing Noses"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

This commercial makes you think about what sort of breath you might wake up with after wolfing down a big helping of walrus blubber the night before. Playing off the Eskimo practice of rubbing noses, we see what an erotic difference it can make to keep a stock of Scope in your igloo.

Not About Altria
Marketer: American Legacy Foundation
Brand: Truth Anti-Smoking
Title: "Rainmaker"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami and Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Its 1990 and we have a God's-eye view of a gathering of a big tobacco company's marketing brain trust. They are struggling to come up with ideas to escape the company's sullied public image. One suggests they buy a major media company so they came become the media. A cooler head stops them all dead with the idea to just change the company name and leave the bad PR behind. Brilliant. And fair enough because the spot never actually names Altria.

Surviving Wal-Mart
Marketer: H.E. Butt Grocery Co.
Brand: HEB Grocery Stores
Title: "BBQ"
Agency: Richards Group, Dallas

In a rare success of a regional retailer against Wal-Mart, HEB supermarkets of Texas have maintained a lock on the region's large Hispanic population. The San Antonio-headquartered chain is Texas' second-largest grocer with 300 stores to Wal-Mart's 321. It also uses its 21 stores in Mexico to monitor the daily pulse of Hispanic culture and tastes.

Suzuki Flatulence
Marketer: Suzuki
Brand: Suzuki
Title: "Fresh Air"
Agency: Grey Canada

This spot, featuring the umpteenth advertising flatulence reference of late, makes one wonder why agency creatives and their superiors are so doggedly obsessed with potty humor. What is it about rectal gas that so personally fascinates them?

Making Mercedes
Marketer: Mercedes-Benz
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Title: "Blank Page"
Agency: Merkley & Partners

Offering a tour of the redesigned 2006 M Class from the inside out, Mercedes takes us on a time-lapse journey from a blank page to full speed on a winding road with an M Class vehicle.

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