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While the first thing most people notice about Sarah Chubb these days is her very pregnant body, it's her drive, ambition and ideas about new media that soon grab their attention.

CondeNet is one of the few online publishers trying to build new brands on the Internet instead of repurposing offline print titles in the digital world. Under Ms. Chubb's direction are Epicurious Food, Epicurious Travel, Swoon and Phys.

She plays part-evangelist and part-handholder in her efforts to show advertisers not only what CondeNet is trying to do, but what the Web can do for them in general.

"One of my observations has been that the focus on cost per thousand persists and it keeps us from solving other problems," Ms. Chubb said. "Advertisers are still putting piddling amounts of money into it or into safe bets like the click-through or a commerce model," she said. "This year should make a difference for us. We've built a research engine in-house and for large advertisers, we'll run studies and do creative testing."

Ms. Chubb is used to explaining her jobs; she helped launch new magazines including Elle, New York Woman and Allure. However, new media has been her toughest sell.

She tells stories of having to explain her title and even the Internet to friends. However, lately it's become much more common -- to Ms. Chubb's delight -- for a new friend or acquaintance to be familiar with the CondeNet stable of titles.

"Here I got to tap into my launch experience and the itch that I had for interactive," she said.

By the time this article appears, Ms. Chubb will be nearing her baby's due date, but don't think that will slow her down. She plans to keep in close touch by phone and e-mail.

"You can't check out for more than a couple of days even in this business," she said. "Deals come together and fall apart in that amount of time."M

Betcha didn't know: Ms. Chubb is an avid cyclist and offered for auction an accompanied bike trip at the Advertising Women of New York's annual luncheon.

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