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And Other Current TV Commercials of Note

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Sex and the Gap
Marketer: Gap
Brand: Gap
Title: "How Do You Wear It?"
Agency: Laird & Partners, New York

This 90-second Gap commercial uses the sensual undulations of Sarah Jessica Parker and the guitar voltage of Lenny Kravitz to ask the question 'How do you wear it?' The answer for both stars, of course, is 'Any way you want to.' A rocking music video done in the service of the clothing retailer.

Sex and the Tea Bag
Marketer: Tetley Tea
Brand: Brand
Title: "Kim Cattrall"
Agency: Miles, Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, London

And speaking of 'Sex and the City,' here's another of the series' stars, Kim Cattrall, in a commercial she doesn't want the U.S. to see. Made to promote Tetley herbal teas in the U.K., the spot is banned by its makers from airing here.

Sex and Angels
Marketer: Victoria's Secret
Brand: Victoria's Secret
Title: "Uplift"
Agency: In-house

Demonstrating the benefits of wings and uplift bras, a bevy of Victoria's Secret angels show off their underwear. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Aug. 30 to Sept. 12 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

The Light of Africa
Marketer: ABB
Brand: ABB Corporate
Title: "Another Day at the Office"
Agency: Re: think group, Stamford, Conn.

ABB, a monster in the heavy industrial fields of factory automation and power generation, is sprucing up its corporate image with a flock of uplifting, feel-good spots like this one in which we watch the first light bulb go on in a remote and previously non-electrified African village.

Jail Fugitive
Marketer: Canada Literacy Foundation
Brand: ABC Canada
Title: "Clink"
Agency: Ambrose Carr Linton, Carroll, Toronto

With the theme 'Maybe your dark secret isn't as dark as you think,' the Canada Literacy Foundation uses twisted humor to make its point. Addressing the embarrassment many reading-challenged adults feel, a series of ads demonstrate how there are far worse fates than needing instructions in basic reading.

Illegal Use of Brain
Marketer: Miller Brewing
Brand: Miller Lite
Title: "Illegal Use of the Brain"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

The latest in Miller's hilarious new series of 'Referee' ads, this one has the ref breaking into a camping party to call a foul for 'Illegal Use of the Brain.' The players should have served the correct beer around that campfire.

Dancing Fools
Marketer: Nextel
Brand: Nextel Walkie Talkie
Title: "Dance Party"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

Momentarily halting their office dance party, a trio of engineering wonks demonstrate the power of walkie-talkie phones.

Picture Yourself
Marketer: Sony
Brand: Cybershot Camera
Title: "Cybershot P100"
Agency: Fallon, London

Frantic music and edits make this a high-energy story of how apparently damned near everyone in London is taking photographic liberties with themselves.

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