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What's the best way to teach parents about inhalant abuse? Give them a guide on how to plan their child's funeral. That was the idea behind a moving documentary-styled PSA from Chicago's David Cravit CME for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Shot by Rocky Morton of Jankel Morton Zander, Los Angeles, the spot intercuts in- terviews with funeral directors with title cards explaining the dangers of sniffing household products. "I get requests all the time to go by playgrounds," says one funeral director. Another explains how he includes toys in the casket.

Art director Jennifer Ward, who teamed with writer Kevin Lynch, says they cast real funeral directors and eschewed a music track to enhance the starkness of the message. Other credits to CDs Marshall Ross and Tom Clark and producer Denis Giroux.

Another Partnership spot tries to con-

vince young inner-city women that hanging out with drug dealers isn't a "free ride to the good life." Directed by Anita Madeira of Five Union Square Productions, the spot opens as a teen drives around the city with her baby and her crack dealer boyfriend. When the guy gets out to make a sale, we see a sniper, aiming for him, apparently shoot the baby instead. "Girlfriend, there ain't no such thing as a free ride," goes the female VO, to the strains of War's "Slipping into Darkness." Credits to freelance writer Doug Feinstein, CD/AD Lou Carvell and producer Bill Perri.

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