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Scary Mary's Genghis Khan Spot
Marketer: Coca-Cola
Brand: Coke
Title: "New Fritz"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

When she took the job last fall, Coca-Cola's new global marketing chief, Mary Minnick, promised to shake up the beverage giant's advertising. In doing so, she also quickly earned the nickname 'Scary Mary.' This is one of the new branding commercials produced under Ms. Minnick's demanding gaze. It's a bit weird in a way that only 14-year-olds can truly appreciate. Which, of course, is probably the point, given that teenagers are among the only people buying the sugar-loaded, caffeine-laced soda pop that older health-minded consumers now tend to avoid. Ms. Minnick's critics are likely to have a field day with the spot's references to Genghis Khan -- who was also a take-no-prisoners sort of manager.

The Art of Brazilian Movement
Marketer: Nike
Brand: Nike
Title: "Ginga Trailer"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore

Nike's latest film project is called 'Ginga,' a word that roughly translates to the 'art of movement' in Brazil. This trailer for the hour-long feature provides a sense of the highly rhythmic, visually sensual tour viewers get of the street-level world of Brazil's 'futebol' players and fanatics. It was produced by Wieden & Kennedy Entertainment and O2 Films.

A Different Kind of Game Geek Ad
Marketer: Sony
Brand: PlayStation PSP
Title: "Squirrels"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

Tired of all those predictable commercials for the latest video game hardware and software with endless laser fights and futuristic digital killing fields? Here's a refreshingly different approach to hawking Sony's PlayStation Portable.

A Gassy Marlboro Man
Marketer: American Legacy
Brand: Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign
Title: "Cow"
Agency: Arnold and Crispin Porter & Bogusky

Imagine the consternation of the poor pedestrians along the crowded sidewalks of lower Manhattan when a film crew from production company Smuggler led a herd of flatulent cows down the lunchtime streets. It was all to produce this new and quite different take on the Marlboro Man -- and probably more of a lesson in the peculiarities of methane gas than you ever really wanted to hear.

Visit Your Neighborhood Meth Lab
Marketer: Partnership for a Drug Free America
Brand: White House Drug Office
Title: "Jamie"
Agency: Leo Burnett Worldwide, Chicago

Don't be shy, step right up for a look inside your friendly, if somewhat messy, neighborhood meth lab. The Gartner production company directing team of Riess/Hill wants you to meet some of the people these toxic hell holes are injuring in the most unexpected ways.

The Enormity of It
Marketer: Ad Council and U.S. DHHS
Brand: Hurricane Relief
Title: "Drop"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

So how do you represent the psychological enormity of tens of thousands of individuals who, months after the New Orleans hurricane, are still trying to cope with the loss of family members as well as all their personal possessions, jobs and the local communities that sustained them? In a feat of brilliant simplicity, Grey Worldwide has used a single poignant tear to say more than a river in this public service announcement for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Cheap Champions
Marketer: Champions PowerRides
Brand: Yamaha Grizzly 660
Title: "Get Your Hands on One"
Agency: Push, Orlando, Fla.

This one is a candidate for our 'Cheap but Effective' ad production award. Using nothing more than a cardboard cutout of an all-terrain vehicle and a convenient car window, Push creative director Chris Robb has managed to nevertheless capture the sense of riding adventure offered by the machines marketed by Champions PowerRides shops.

Used Chicken Salesman
Marketer: Bojangles Famous Chicken & Biscuits
Brand: Bojangles
Title: "Dealin'"
Agency: Eric Mower & Associates, Charlotte, N.C.

Spoofing the worst of all the ads you've ever seen starring used car salesmen yelling wildly at the camera, director Sam Crawford of Atlanta's Momorama adds a completely different touch to the craft of hawking fast-food fare.

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