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Seven Seconds in Tibet
Marketer: Chello
Brand: Chello Broaderband
Title: "Seven Seconds in Tibet"
Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam

Spoofing Brad Pitt's 'Seven Years in Tibet,' this new spot from the Selmore agency in Amsterdam is titled 'Seven Seconds in Tibet' and makes a humorous point about speed. The client, Chello, provides broadband service across Europe. The commercial is the first from Selmore, which was recently started by former employees of DDB, TBWA Amsterdam and J. Walter Thompson.

Scottish Rake
Marketer: William Lawson
Brand: William Lawson Scotch
Title: "Scottish Instinct"
Agency: McCann Erickson Worldwide, Belgium

In a tongue-in-cheek play on its starring actress, Sharon Stone, this spot takes place in the lobby of an oppulent Belgium hotel. A bare-chested Scottish Adonis in a kilt sits close and crosses his legs, letting his kilt do what Sharon Stone does with her own skirt in other roles. The dour husband in this ad is shocked by the kilt's revelation. The woman character laughs coyly. It's all supposed to be a William Lawson Scotch kind of moment.

Bearly Minnesota
Marketer: Explore Minnesota Tourism
Brand: Explore Minnesota Tourism
Title: "Ice Fishing"
Agency: Colle & McVoy, Minneapolis

One of a series of new ads hawking the hopelessly frigid sites of Minnesota to tourists, this spot features a bear having great fun drilling an ice-fishing hole with a power tool. The kicker admonishes: "Don't Hibernate this Winter." The campaign follows the bear through a variety of places of interest for those with a yen for sub-zero pleasures.

Charlie Bell Memorial
Marketer: McDonald's Corp.
Brand: McDonald's
Title: "Morning Has Broken"
Agency: DDB, Sydney

McDonald's former CEO, Charlie Bell, who died last week, was widely admired and liked throughout the company he worked for in a 30-year career. This is the memorial spot produced in his memory.

Stupid Sledders
Marketer: General Motors Corp.
Brand: Hummer
Title: "Toboggan"
Agency: Modernista, Boston/font>
An irresponsible father drives his two sons and their new toboggan to the top of a wilderness mountain so they can experience the thrill of undisturbed powder. Within seconds the three are moving out of control at breakneck speeds down a steep incline. The camera leaves the toboggan, moving back up the hill, to show us they drove a Hummer to this remote spot. The tagline could well be 'Hummer, the Vehicle of Idiots.'

Junkyard Car
Marketer: Snapple
Brand: Snapple
Title: "Tuckey/Junkyard"
Agency: Cliff Freeman

Taking a break from its 'Bottle People,' Snapple tries real humans in this new ad. Tuckey the auto mechanic says some nice things about Snapple, and then Snapple has one of Tuckey's customers say some things about him and that car he wrecked.

Baby Bob
Marketer: Quiznos
Brand: Quiznos Turkey Subs
Title: "Strained Peas"
Agency: Siltanen & Partners, Los Angeles

Having jettisoned its dead rodent-like SpongeMonkeys, Quiznos returns to the ad scene with Baby Bob, the infant with the grumpy disposition, cynical outlook and gruff voice of a 45-year-old. Baby Bob began life as a gimmick in the 2000 ad campaign of ISP and then went on to star in a short-lived CBS sitcom. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Jan. 3-16 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Horizon People
Marketer: AllState
Brand: AllState Insurance
Title: "Line $338"
Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago

Noteworthy primarily because of its epic visuals is this ad from AllState. It illustrates the fact that the insurance marketers added 1 million new clients last year by simulating multitudes of people walking down winding mountain paths to the far horizon. We don't know what the coverage and rates are like but the cinematography sure is great.

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