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Sexing an Adman's Novel
Client: Time Warner Books
Brand: New Novel
Title: "Derailed"
Agency: In-house, author
Why focus on literary merits when you can just push some T&A at the book-buying rubes in TV land? Former BBDO adman and second-time novelist Jimmy Siegel produced this tacky TV spot himself.

Naked Violence
Client: Reebok
Brand: Reebok
Title: "Terry Tate on the Field"
Agency: Arnell, New York
The King Kong of make-believe office violence is back. This time Reebok's bruiser assaults Nike's naked man on a sports field. But what does any of this have to do with shoes?

What's Wrong With Hardees?
Client: Hardees Restaurants
Brand: Hardees
Title: "No More Fried Chicken"
Agency: Mendelshon/Zien
By detailing how the disgusting smell of frying chicken ruined a hamburger meal, Hardees hopes to demonstrate how it has changed for the better. It's heaved chicken and about 40 other menu items that previously gagged its customers. Now they can have thickburgers or nothing.

Rock You Differently
Client: Evian
Brand: Evian Water
Title: "Voices"
Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Employed as a water-selling anthem, this is a rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You" as you never expected to hear it.

America's Favorite Family
Client: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi Twist
Title: "Jack & Kelly"
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York

First shown during the Super Bowl, Ozzy Osbourne's twisted nightmare Pepsi ad has gone on to become America's most remembered TV spot. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Jan. 20 to Feb. 2 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Blind Investments
Client: D.A. Davidson
Brand: Investment Services
Title: "Guide Dog"
Agency: Wendt Kochman, Great Falls, Mont.
Idiot #1: "Hey, let's use a blind man to sell Davidson investment services!" Idiot #2: "Yeah, cool, we could, like, say Davidson is as trustworthy as the blind guy's guide dog." Yech.

Smelling Town
Client: Kraft Foods
Brand: Gevalia Kaffe
Title: "A Town Transformed"
Agency: FCB Worldwide, New York
In 1853, an entire European town followed its collective nose to a new kind of bliss. You can smell -- and drink -- the same thing. Just mail in your money.

Mr. Cheese Steak
Client: Jack in the Box
Brand: Cheese Steaks
Title: "Intern"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing
You don't have to be a Philadelphian who has wandered that city's 9th Street market or hung out at Pat's Steaks to get the joke of this spot. But it sure makes it funnier.

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