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If coffeemakers can give birth to baby pots-which Bunn, in fact, featured in a clever animated campaign last year-it only makes sense that cars should dance with gas pumps. Especially if a kind of "romantic chemistry" actually exists between cars and Shell gas, as Ogilvy & Mather/Houston creative director Jay Suhr suggests. A romantic chemistry also exists between dancing objects and computer animation; moreover, Suhr says he wanted to get away from all the boring "engineering-ese" that seeps into gasoline ads, so why not have cars and pumps hoof it. The result: in one commercial several "couples" tango in a huge ballroom, while in another spot a red sports car boogies with a pump, and, using the nozzle as a microphone, belts out an r&b tune.

To imbue the spots with that fluid, human feel, David Lane, who directed the campaign through Savoy Commercials, a division of RGA Digital Studios, shot actual dancers and scanned their routines into the computer as an animation reference.

Animation credits to Samir Hoon, Sylvain Moreau, Steve Blakey, Fred Nilsson and Rod Bland.

Additional agency credits to exec CD Joe Kilgore, AD Cindy Hanan and writer

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