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Reminding business travelers of the bald tires and broken air conditioners they encounter in their highway journeys doesn't sound like sage advice for a low-budget motel chain, but an amusing campaign for Shoney's Inns, from Martin/Williams, Minneapolis,combines witty copy and stark photographs to contrast highway hardships with the comparatively comfy accommodations at a Shoney's, underscored with the tag, "The rest will be easy."

The print ads, shot by Minneapolis photographer Craig Perman, capture the bleakness of an endless highway as a pack of impatient speeders are stuck behind a state trooper, or the sudden excitement of your car splattering noisome roadkill (at right), illuminated with the copy: "It's 102 degrees. The AC is on the fritz. The worst part lies ahead." A radio spot takes a more aggressive tone when the ghostly skunk seeks revenge: "Let's just say it's payback time, and I'm going to unleash."

Writer Greg Beaupre and AD Jeff Jahn were on the road for a week before they compiled their white-line fever dreams. "We really wanted to get into the mindset of the road-weary traveler," Beaupre says, without "going over the line

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