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Shooting Arrows at Old Men
Client: Rhode Island Quality Partners
Brand: Medicare Pneumonia Vaccination
Title: "Arrows"
Agency: Trion Communications, Providence, R.I.

Showing old men being shot at with carbide-tipped arrows, this Rhode Island public service announcement emphasizes the importance of pneumonia vaccination for the elderly.

In Black
Client: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Chrysler 300M
Title: "Things I Love in Black"
Agency: GlobalHue, Southfield, Mich.

Aimed at African-Americans, this commercial celebrates the blackness of people as well as cars.

Drum Cars
Client: American Honda Motor Co.
Brand: 2003 Models
Title: "Drums"
Agency: Muse Cordero Chen & Partners, Los Angeles

Stretched across a salt flat, a corps of traditional Asian drummers herald the arrival of Honda's 2003 models.

Tormenting The Cat
Client: S.C. Johnson
Brand: Windex
Title: "Crows"
Agency: FCB, Chicago

Cat lovers instantly connect with this Windex spot featuring two crows tormenting an orange tabby at a patio door window. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Nov. 11 to Nov. 24 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Chili-dog Chase
Client: Wienerschnitzel
Brand: Wienerschnitzel Sandwiches
Title: "Island Vacation" and "Craving"
Agency: DGWB, Santa Ana, Calif.

Follow the adventures of a six-inch chili-dog through two spots as he confronts hungry tourists on a tropical island. Animation by Vinton Studios, Portland, Ore.

Brave Heart Rabbit
Client: Merrell
Brand: Merrell Athletic Shoes
Title: "Run Wild"
Agency: Jager DiPaola Kemp

An animated rabbit with a running-shoe heart (see it beat) triumphs in a forest race because of its indominable spirit and superior shoes.

The Long Wait
Client: Visa
Brand: Visa Card
Title: "Sheens"
Agency: BBDO

Watch Charlie Sheen grow old as he waits for a video store clerk to clear his personal check. He should have used a Visa check card, of course.

Deja Vu Visionary
Client: Marshalls
Brand: Marshalls Holiday Merchandise
Title: "Visionary"
Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos

A veteran marketing man excitedly describes his vision for the perfect department store. A brave young assistant points out that the old man's ideas have already been executed -- by Marshalls.

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