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Procter & Gamble Co.'s Charmin Ultra: "Singing"

Bromley, Aguilar & Associates, San Antonio

Creative Director: Federico Traeger

Art Director: Su Yim, Ed Flores

Copywriter: Mauricio Castro

Producer: Carla Mendiola

Production Company Director: Orlando Leal, Moving Image

Composer/Arranger: Gustavo Farias, Sound About Studios

This spot, which also took the top honors in the toiletries category, cut right to the point of why people choose toilet tissue. It used humor, music and some very good camera work to hawk a product that doesn't usually inspire great creativity.

The ad opens on an overhead shot of a typical suburban street, leading to a typical suburban house. As the camera moves in closer and through the living room window, a singing male voice can be heard.

"Soft, soft is how I like it," he croons melodically. "Soft, soft is how I want it."

The camera sweeps through the living room, past the book left opened on the end table, through the kitchen where the TV was left on, still following the a cappella voice. The singing grows louder, now harmonized by the whining of the family dog, who's found parked outside the closed bathroom door, while his owner is inside.

"Now, people don't sing only in the shower. Charmin Ultra is one reason," says the voice-over.

The singer builds to a crescendo, accompanied by the dog's howling, as the song draws to a close. A voice over pitches the tagline: "Charmin, softness that

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