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The One Show opens an expanded road show, veering off the Pencil-beaten path with stops as exotic as Taipei and Tel Aviv.

One Show award winners this year won't have to wait for the annual's release before the big guys in Asia send requests for their books. The fame and fortune thing may have only just begun.

The One Show is taking itself on the road, over a few mountain ranges and across several oceans. Featuring this year's award winners and some finalists from all categories, the international show is traveling first to Bangkok, where it opened on Sept. 23rd. Exhibitions in Taipei, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Tel Aviv are to follow.

Although the Show has been on exhibit in Singapore, Hong Kong and London in years past, this year's plans have been extended to reach a greater and, according to One Show folks, equally receptive audience. Having established amicable relationships with Asian and South African agencies (the book is printed in Asia) and having received several invites to bring the Show eastward, the One Club for Art and Copy saw this opportunity as a natural next step in spreading the show's international reputation.

Nearly 30 percent of the '96 One Show submissions were from international agencies, and this further supported the incentive to take the exhibit overseas. The show's primary intention is to salute creativity on an international scope and in a noncompetitive arena.

One Club executive director Mary Warlick summarizes the objective of this transglobal undertaking: "Good advertising is international, and this is an opportunity to present the very best advertising to an international audience that appreciates the quality of strong creative work."

Underlining their support for the One Club, agencies have not only extended invitations for the Show to travel but have offered sponsorship of the exhibits as well. Leo Burnett/ Bangkok is the first to host the show, and Advertising magazine is following suit in Taipei. The Four A's of Hong Kong, Primedia and DDB/South Africa and the Israel Advertising Association are also enthusiastic about bringing the One Show to their markets.

"The most exciting thing about all of this is that we've been invited to all these places," says Warlick, who adds that advantages are recognizable from all angles. "There are a lot of awards shows out there, and a tremendous amount of international entries," claims Warlick. "The One Show, however, is the only venue where all this work can be appreciated on an even playing field."

Credit for bringing the tour off the ground is also due Apple Computer, which has offered itself as an international sponsor. In addition to 27 panels displaying over 100 print pieces and a 30-minute compilation video of the Television winners that Warlick and exhibitions director Kristin Overson are toting overseas, video and computer displays of the Interactive winners, provided by Apple, are also part of the exhibition.

Plans are in the works for the show to visit Miami, Boston and Los Angeles once

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